Planning approvals are taking longer, harder

April 2023

Why is it so hard to get resource consents these days and why does it take so long, well buckle up we'll dive into some of the reasons and how you can manage the risk of costly delay.

Many council planning departments are facing staff and skill shortages, which the Covid pandemic has exacerbated. It's not just that thou. 

The last few years have also seen an unprecedented level of government direction relating to water, urban, rural productive land, and a new planning regime is in development to replace the Resource Management Act. 

It's no wonder it's hard to find planners and resource consent application timeframes are blowing out - while it's a good time to get an application fees discount, that will be of little comfort when factoring in holding costs (such as interest on lending to purchase land) and the churn of delay and overly complex processing. 

We can assist in navigating the planning approval stage to smooth out the speed bumps. The trick is early involvement at the site selection and development feasibility stage. To learn more contact us →.

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